You can save them all but we strive to save them 1 at a time
Save a Life, Become a Foster

Orlando Bully Rescue promotes responsible guardianship and improve the image and lives of pit bull type dogs through education, advocacy, and rescue. We are a foster home-based network, meaning that we are only able to help the number of dogs that we have open foster homes for, and we have some amazing fosters and would be honored to have you join our family of fosters!

If you would like to become part of our program, let us know! Please read below and then fill out the Foster Application. All fosters are essential. Our ability to save lives depends most on how many solid, committed foster homes we have!

Please print the below form and email it back to or mail it to P.O.Box 521397, Longwood, FL 32750.

Foster Application

Foster Program Overview

1.The foster commitment:

Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment, as you would for your own dog
Provide basic life skills and training as needed and based upon your ability/comfort level
Keep the dog safe from hazards. For less socialized dogs, this may mean temporary separation from other animals in the house and children, and always crate dog when supervision is not available
Provide regular updates, and, if possible, photos to foster/adoption lead on the dogs progress, likes, dislikes, issues, etc.
Help to make the dog more adoptable, this includes walking on a leash, not jumping up, accepting strangers in a calm and friendly manner, and exposure to new sights, sounds, and experiences
If/when possible, transporting the dog to the vet for scheduled visits and to adoption events

2.Orlando Bully Rescues Commitment:

Veterinary care
Support on any questions or concerns that may come up
Exposure via events, Face Book, web, Pet Finder, Adopt-a-Pet and many more sites
Collar, leash, rabies and microchip tags (copy of rabies certificate will also be provided)
House and crate training
Dog bed, toys
Know how to walk on a leash
Access to professional trainers to work through any behavioral or training challenges
One-on-one sessions with a trainer, if necessary, to deal with challenges

3.Basic Foster Commitment:

No dog parks, or off-leash walking as we need to ensure we comply with all local animal control laws
Having an understanding of proper dog-dog greetings: no nose-to-nose greetings with unknown dogs
Unless it is a special case, we ask that foster continue to assist with crate training the dog when not home or unsupervised
Let Orlando Bully Rescue know as early as possible if you are going away so we may arrange care for the dog in your foster care
Go slow with introductions to other family including pets. Orlando Bully Rescue trainers will assist with this; this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks to fully integrate
We wish we could put a timeframe on how long a dog will be in a foster it can be a couple weeks or months, we strive to find the perfect home for the dog

4.Perks of fostering:

Fostering is truly a rewarding experience and our families know that they are integral in offering each dog they care for a second chance at a new beginning
Access to training for you and your foster dog to include Canine Good Citizenship
Learn and educate yourself on dog behavior
Join a community of warm-hearted, committed advocates and dog-lovers
Adding another dog to your family without the financial or long-term commitment
A great way to try out various dogs if you are thinking of eventually adopting

Please print the below form and email it back to or mail it to P.O.Box 521397, Longwood, FL 32750.

Foster Application

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